Sunday, July 17, 2016

Crochet pattern in work.

Enjoying summer and working a tiny bit...


  1. Cada postagem e trabalhos mais lindo que o outro. Dá vontade de fazer todos. Você é divina

  2. Impaciente por ver el resultado!!

  3. If I had a choice of crocheting or being out on the water either rowing OR kayaking, I'd be out on the water, too!
    Miss it - haven't been able to kayak for years...and I LOVED doing it so much! What a wonderful way to fill a day with exercise and fresh air...quiet, peaceful, sometimes you can even see the fish under the water! (Now throw in a nice fishing pole - and I'd be all over that!) - liked the crochet motifs, too...very pretty. Delicate looking.

    1. I feel like you really need it right now!!! Your description is so precise! :))) Thank you!

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