Monday, May 30, 2016

New crochet patern in work - off shoulder seamless top.

I was asked by many people when I was going to make that pattern. It was always in the back of my mind until recently. Yes, I've started.
I made this top a few years ago:

Crochet off-shoulder top pattern in work.

I am adapting this pattern to thicker yarn and bigger hook because the original was made out of size 10 crochet thread and 1 mm hook!
So instead I use fingering yarn and hook 3 mm.
Do you know turquoise is this season color? Now you do. :))

Crochet pattern in work.
I will change a few things to make it easier for everybody.
There is another pattern coming soon, but it's a subject for another post.

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Finally it's summer and I can have back my favorite place to crochet - at the beach! :))
Happy crocheting, my friends!


  1. j' aime beaucoup ces petits motifs c' est trés aérés a bientôt biz

  2. Prześliczna bluzeczka.Pozdrawiam :)

  3. amiga estive olhando seu blog e reparei que voce não tem vestuário de homem, ou talvez não estou sabendo achar. Poderia me ajudar com essa informação.
    Acho tudo muito lindo e um blog feito com muito carinho, meus parabéns e continue nos ajudando. beijo no coração

    1. Hi! True, I don't and most likely won't. :))) This subject does not inspire me. :))) May be for little men, like 3 years old. :))) Thank you! Best regards! Natalia