Sunday, April 3, 2016

Etsy shop problems with check-out.

Hi, everybody!
If you tried to buy something from my shop in the last three days, I apologize!
Somehow I missed Etsy e-mail about their changes!
I was required to give my SSN to receive 1099-K form for tax purposes.
It's great news for the shop owners. I won't have to calculate my Etsy revenue for the tax return, they will provide me with a form, it's like W-2, but for self-employed like my-self.
Anyway, my shop was not accepting payments for the last 3 days!
I was so upset and did not understand why I did not have sales in these 3 days. :))) It was very weird!
It was especially upsetting, because I just added a new pattern in the shop I worked hard on.
The issue is resolved and my shop is working as usual.
Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your loyalty and please, stop by!

My Etsy Shop.



  1. Hi Natalia

    Congratulations on your shop Etsy, you could send me a link to open my store Etsy, I would love to be with you

    thank you so much
    Thank you

    1. Hi Ely, the link is under the header and in the post under "My Etsy Shop" (it's a link). Thank you! Natalia

  2. Наталья, привет! У меня тоже есть маленький магаз на Этси, но там готовые вещи. SSN у меня тоже попросили, но никаких налоговых форм для заполнения не присылали. Вообще насколько я поняла, Этси предоставляет право продавцу самому разбираться со своими налогами. Я что-то неверно понимаю?

    1. Ирина, эту форму пришлют в начале 2017 года для заполнения tax return за 2016 год. Это как форма W-2, нодля self-employed, то есть тебе не нужно будет считать доход за год, он будет в фоме которую ты включить в tax return. Очень удобно.

    2. Такие формы мы получаем за дивиденты, проценты, любой доход. А теперь и на етси будет.

    3. Ага, спасибо! Полезно знать. Я для одного агенства заполняла форму W-8 только.