Monday, March 14, 2016

Crochet patterns work in progress.

Hi everybody,
I continue to work on an open front vest.
Here is my progress. It would be faster if I did not take pictures of every row. But just in case I do.

I use this yarn from Knit Picks:
Lindy Chain.
Fiber Content: 70% Linen, 30% Pima Cotton
Weight: Fingering
As you can see it is chained, that gives it kind of rustic look. I also admire rich, but not too bright colors, perfect for Boho Chic style.

As we all get tired from big projects, so did I today and decided to do something small to relax. :) So, hopefully I will download tomorrow a step-by-step pattern for this branch:

I really like it and think if will look beautiful in minimalism style if framed . I have a picture of it finished, but not for today. :)))
Happy crocheting, my friends!
What are you working on?

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