Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Choose places where you shop for crochet patterns wisely!

Hi, everybody!
I am sure all of  us when buying a pattern, expect to get clear instructions and be able to make the product. Sometimes patterns have mistakes (it happens, we all people!), sometimes we feel like not up to the task, but there is another case - pattern, that can't be called a pattern by any means and yet, it is being offered in exchange for your hard-earned money.
I was contacted recently that my free notes for Boston Proper Vest:

,which I posted here and not so many people were able to make this vest eventually, because my notes are notes and very indistinct as it was my intention, because the pattern is not mine,
so these notes were being sold as a pattern for $6.40 on Etsy!
I checked the shop and they use 3rd party images and notes like mine as "patterns".
What a shame and disrespect to the buyers!
Somebody bought the pattern and then came across my web-site and felt robbed!
So, please, be aware and stay clear off this one!
Happy crocheting, my friends!


  1. Great that your notes were removed! I wonder when customers who have bought this "pattern" in another Etsy shop say something. It's a total rip off to offer such a crap for $3.50.

    1. :))) I bet we can find a lot of examples. We just have to use common sense.

  2. Sadly this sort of thing happens all the time. I have seen lots of patterns for sale which people claim are their design but are in fact patterns from old magazines or books and not their own at all. Quite apart from this being unethical (and unlawful if the pattern is still under Copyright!), this is disrespectful to the person who put time and effort into creating the original pattern.