Monday, November 2, 2015

Puff Stitch Crochet Hat and Tube Scarf Set Pattern in the shops - New.

Please, note, this is a crochet PATTERN, not finished item!
Hey everybody!
I just added this pattern in the shop and so exited to have this set for myself!
As you might have noticed, I am more a thread person. So it was very nice to work with worsted weight yarn for a change! Considering there is a winter ahead of us, that is a smart move to get your hands on bigger hooks and thicker yarn. :))
As always you'll find step-by-step pictures, written instructions and charts in my pattern!

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Thank you! happy crocheting, my friends!

Snuggle in this very warm set.
Crochet level:
- Easy/Intermediate.
You should know how to crochet following stitches:
ch (chain), sl st (slip stitch), dc (double crochet), puff stitch (or learn in the process, step-by-step pictures will lead you).
This pattern includes:
  • my love to every single step in creating crochet patterns :)
  • written instructions;
  • very detailed step-by-step pictures;
  • charts.
Instructions are given in English language, American terminology.
Crochet hooks:
  • 4.25 mm;
  • 3 mm (optional).
Recommended materials:
- yarn – worsted weight (# 4 Medium); shown here: Caron Simply Soft in Blue Mint (100% acrylic, 6 oz / 170.1 g / 315 yds / 288 m) – 315 yds for tube scarf and 315 (330, 340, 350) yds for hat;
  • hat is 20 ½ (21 ¼, 22, 22 ¾) / 52 (54, 56, 58) cm in circumference and 8 ¼ (8 ¼, 8 ¾, 9 ¼)” / 21 (21, 22.3, 23.5) cm from crown to edge;
  • tune scarf is 7” (18 cm) tall and 22 ¾ / 58 cm in circumference.
  • 4.5 puff sts x 8.5 rnds = 4'' x 4'' (10 x 10 cm).
My biggest gratitude for your interest in my pattern!
Thanks for visiting my shop!
© 2015 Natalia Kononova
  • It is not allowed to sell finished items based on any of my patterns.
  • Please, do not share my pattern as it takes a lot of hard work and time to learn skills, required for designing, writing, photographing and putting together crochet patterns. Copyright violation is not a victim-less crime!
  • All photos and diagrams are copyrighted and all rights to this pattern are owned by Natalia Kononova.
  • Do not copy, share, resell, or forward this pattern to anyone. No part of this work may be reproduced, transmitted or published in any form or by any means without prior written permission.
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Thank you for respecting the copyright law!
Best wishes to you and Happy crocheting!


  1. Why would you not allow sales of finished products of your patterns that you sell?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. First of all, hello Brenda! Thank you for your interest and leaving a comment!
      When you think of it, it takes a whole bunch of time and effort to make a pattern. I sell it let's say for $5. Somebody who would make a finished project based on my pattern, would pay $5 and make more than $5 on each item. Of course this person wouldn't get rich making it. :))) But if designer sells her pattern to a magazine she would get at least $300-500 for it and often doesn't loose her copyright. if designer sells her pattern to a manufacturer for a mass production, she would get way more for it. Why designers do otherwise, I do not know. I am sorry, but this is the way it is. This is a huge amount of work to create a pattern. If writer comes up with a book, he or she gets royalty from each copy. And this is the right thing. Buying a pattern for $5 and selling finished items seems wrong to me. $5 - is a price to make one or more copies for yourself or as gifts.
      I can give the permission it I talk to the person, get to know her and her situation that led to making money by this hard work of crocheting for sale, I can give my pattern as a gift, but my default setting is I don't give permission to sell finished items. Intellectual property is a property first.
      Best regards to you! If you are interested in this pattern, please, let me know.
      I edited my first response, I was thinking of it all day and discussed the topic with fellow designers.

  2. Piekny komlet,ciekawy wzór i ładny kolor.Pozdrawiam

  3. Hey so funny !! I have been playing with this stitch lately as well and wanted to make a cowl exactly with that same braided look ... Great minds think alike ;-) (now I won't of course, but I still have that braided edging on my daughter's jacket)
    Your set looks great !!