Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pinterest is beating Facebook?

Apparently so.. :)))

Here is an article from www.forbes.com by Troy Ireland.
Social platforms are very important for all kind of businesses. My major traffic source to Etsy shop is Etsy and this blog, then some from Facebook, a little from Pinterest.
As you noticed, I deleted all third parties images from my blog to comply with Copyright law, but many sites do offer "pin it" button for their images. So if you want to see all crochet inspiration, hurry up to follow my Pinterest board "Crochet". I pin all crochet inspiring images to that board, they are all in one place! I love to browse through that board for the next project inspiration.
Happy crocheting, my friends!


  1. Your oops board is hilarious!
    And I find you could switch some items of the crochet board into it as well!
    All your own creations are wonderful, I like them very much - the bag for instance is just so gorgeous! :-)

    1. :)) Thank you! Oh, my OOops board, yes, I never share and don't like to pin in it. :)))) But sometimes it's just so funny!

  2. Is Pinterest really beating facebook?

  3. Totally understand why you do this and that's great, yet I can't help regretting slightly that I won't be able to come and look up beautiful full size pictures of outstanding crochet any more :-P
    Totally following your Pinterest now, I also believe Pinterest is a good place to be at the moment !