Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Worked on my Etsy shop. Some marketing to learn. A day spent well.

Oh boy!
All I did yesterday was wiping out half of my posts here due to compliance with copyright law.
Today I decided it is time to open my Etsy shop! It it so much harder that opening Ravelry shop!
For every single field, like name of the listing, tags I did a search how to do that. It's an art of marketing itself!
I managed to add one listing! :))) - Celtic Bracelet Pattern and the name is:

Crochet bracelet with beads pattern - PDF instand download - Tutorial - DIY - Handmade fiber jewelry - Wrist Cuff - Linen Celtic Bracelet

Words in the beginning have to be the most likely searching words of a potential customer.
There are 140 characters are available for a name of the listing and you should use them all - it's the best way. All that for search engines to kick my listing hopefully on the first page!
I also run Google AdWord, it's when you pay Google for bringing you ad in the search on first page. Though it doesn't happen every time. :)

Tags are a different story. There are 15 of them to include. I hope I did well. So as you see it is a lot of marketing involved.
I am happy I started though. The shop is not open yet and I am having red wine tonight and going to the beach tomorrow!!!!

I hope it's me tomorrow instead of my son :))

Happy crocheting, my friends! Crochet rocks!

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