Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Soon in the store - crochet fiber jewelry pattern - Wild Geranium Bracelet & Necklace.

I am working on this set right now.
When I was a kid we used to lick Wild Geranium petals and stick them to our nails, having sort of a manicure. :)))
Bracelet and Necklace are made out of Lithuanian linen yarn, 3 ply. Hook 1 mm. Nothing else is used, even the button on the bracelet is crocheted.
The step-by-step pictures are ready. I need to draw charts and get all that together in a file.
This is intermediate level pattern, but do not be scared of level up patterns.
My opinion if you pick up a hook for the first time, start with something, let your second project to be a dress or a top. You wouldn't believe how quickly you learn. Sticking to easy projects, you limit yourself tremendously.
The challenge in this project is a bullion stitch. If you've never done it, you will have to practice a bit, but this stitch is worth it, isn't it? In the middle of the petals you can see it. And mine is not perfect, believe me! :))


  1. Nat you crack me up... we did some silly things as kids didn't we ~!~
    LOVE this set.

    1. :) Oh, yeah! How about throwing cow cakes into each other? Did you do that? :))) ha ha! Thank you!

    2. Oh YEAH....still remember the SMELL.... PURE HONEY LOL

  2. I love the bracelet!!! It's very stunning!!!