Friday, September 18, 2015

Pictures of Cape May, NJ.

Hello, everybody!
We've been camping almost every weekend this summer. I am tired of packing and unpacking!!!
But summer passed so quickly since we were busy!
Here some pictures to share:

There is not much for a photographer to do in the middle of the day when it's sunny. :)) You have to get there either very early or when the sun goes down, when it's time to have a dinner and relax at camp-site. :))
But this kind of weather is a beauty to my heart!

Do you feel salt on your face? :)

Our new tent:

Windy day:


No, I am not a runner, I walk! It's just for the picture.

Happy crocheting and camping, my friends!


  1. Oh! How Stunning these pictures , some could be great art paintings..I speika better in French, so I hope you catch my admiration for i adore life in nature wether mointain or see or country-side. I live in country-side in Belgium Wallonia .
    I really love the pictures you shwo us, now or befire, and how beautifull you are Natalia!!!
    Like your boys alos marvelous!
    Well consider your life as a privilege, because you should see what happens in Europe Russia and Africa,unfortunattely so many refugies are suffering terribly, third war ....
    So please , continue sharing all your beauttifull positive pictures of your passion and mine for nature or for our passion for crochet
    Merci jolie Natalia;

    1. Thank you! It is a mess right now with all wars out there! We do understand how lucky we are. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Milyen szép képek. Köszönöm!
    Nekünk nincs tengerpartunk de a látvány mindenért kárpótol. Egyszer eljutottam a Fekete tengerhez,azóta nem tudom elfelejteni.Az is gyönyörű volt.

    1. Thank you! Haven't been to Black Sea for years! It's beautiful out there!

  3. Summer is ending - your photos are gorgeous memories! :-)

    1. Thank you! :)) we have a big TV in the dining room just to watch pictures, which we do every morning. :)) Summer is near end indeed, ahhhh!

  4. Hermoso paisaje Natalia, que disfrutes esa maravillosa naturaleza

  5. These pictures really do Cape May justice. I'm born and raised there. Cape May is just good for a vacation for city people. Not great for living there. I do miss the beaches and the Italian food. Whenever I go home to visit that's the first thing I have to get is an Italian hoagie. :)

    1. :)) thank you! I would assume it has it's disadvantages for people to live there. Winters must be windy and the town is empty. Is that what you mean? We love to go there, though I am not eating out. :)))