Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Review on Interweave's new book "Quick Crocheted Accessories" by Sharon Zientara.

Hi, everybody!
Today I will talk a bit about a new book by Sharon Zientara, 3 Skeins or Less: Quick Crocheted Accessories (Interweave/F+W; July 2015; $23.99), 

which includes crochet designs of Kathy Merrick, Brenda K. B. Anderson, Beth Nielsen, Cristina Mershon, Terri Keller, Jessica Bolof, and Linda Skuja. Every project in this book requires 1, 2, or 3 skeins of yarn. 
We all know crochet is not a fast craft, we must be patient to see the result, but if you feel antsy, that book might be of a help.
I will simply show you all the projects. Each header leads to the project on Ravelry with more details.

Interweave/F+W; $23.99

Buttons & Lace Hat by Sharon Zientara:

Sometimes I see pretty buttons and think, "Where can I put them?" In this case, where everybody can see them - on your head! :)) Pretty!
If you are a "chart" person like me, there is a chart, yes.

Corona Cowl by Brenda K. B. Anderson:

Another pretty button and I saw this one just yesterday at Joanne!

Honeycomb Shawlette by Regina Rioux:

Buttons again, you can play with the color you like and wear it in different ways. I would go for the unsymmetrical look with buttons on the shoulder.

Mosaic Slippers by Cristina Mershon:

What to say, aren't we all need a few pairs of those?

Long Winter's Scarf by Brenda K. B. Anderson:

Lovely gradient effect and unisex design? A few of that one as well for everybody!

Arcadian Wrap by Kathy Merrick:

You will not get bored while making this one! 9 different motifs (all charted) and an assembly diagram! So much for your creativity and your stash of yarn if you play with colors!

Entwined Bonnet by Anastasia Popova:

It's a cute one!

Flourish Cloche by Sharon Zientara:

My favorite design in this book. I know this shape will fit me perfectly!

Annulet Wrap by Cristina Mershon:

Design from the cover. Different look, beautiful color, embellished with beads! love it!

Oblique Cowl by Beth Nielsen:

I've never tried Tunisian stitch! This design made me think it's time. looks very warm!

Bedizened Brooch by Kathy Merrick:

This brooch with beads is lovely.

Stellina hat and Fingerless Mitts by Terri Keller:

Nice stitch here, charted.

Askew Scarf by Sharon Zientara:

Lovely colors in this scarf.

Floret Cloche by Jessica Bolof:

Quick project, makes perfect last minute gift, charted!

Garland Wrap by Kathy Merrick:

Another opportunity to play with colors!

Engild Mitts by Linda Skuja:

Tessellation Socks by Anastasia Popova:

Have you tried knitting socks using 5 needles? If you hated it as much I did, this might be the solution for all of us!

Zaftig Mittens by Brenda K. B. Anderson:

These are very useful, to cover your hands on a cool day! And again, no 5 knitting needles to drive you crazy!

Aperture Scarf by Kathy Merrick:

Wavelength Beanie by Sharon Zientara:


Cirque Shawlette by Cristina Mershon:

I would say, jewelry look.

Transverse Mitts by Beth Nielsen:

Your chance to try tapestry crochet!

Enmeshed Cowl by Jessica Bolof:

Happy crocheting, my friends!

Interweave/F+W; $23.99

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  1. Great review Natalia. My favorite is definitely the Garland Wrap Shawl by Kathy Merrick. I love the lace and the colors are gorgeous.