Friday, July 31, 2015

My first crochet pattern for sale - Bracelet and Necklace Windrose -fiber jewelry pattern.

Please, note, this is crochet PATTERN!

This day came and I am so happy!
I spent this morning submitting my first pattern to my Ravelry store.
It was smooth process and I have more patterns to go. :)))

Feel close to nature, wearing these linen bracelet and necklace. Fiber jewelry feels soft on your skin and doesn’t get in the way during your daily adventures.
Crochet level:
- Easy/Intermediate.
You should know how to crochet following stitches:
ch (chain), sl st (slip stitch), sc (single crochet), hdc (half double crochet), dc (double crochet), pc (popcorn stitch, or learn in the process).
This pattern includes:
  • my love to every single step in creating crochet patterns :)
  • written instructions;
  • very detailed step-by-step pictures;
  • charts with directions.
Instructions are given in English language, American terminology.
If you are not familiar with crochet charts, you can follow step-by-step-pictures and written instructions, given under each image.
Take a look at charts now and then and you might become a chart guru after all :)
Crochet hook:
- 1 mm.
Recommended materials:
  • 3 ply natural linen thread in #104 color (e.g. Yarnstories on Etsy) or crochet cotton thread size 10;
  • 7 dyed imperial jusper round beads (6/8” (1 cm) in diameter);
  • matching linen color sewing thread and a needle, thin enough to go through beads.
- bracelet is 6 1/8” (15.5 cm) or 7 1/2” (19 cm) long and 1 6/8” (4.5 cm) wide. - - necklace is about 18” (46 cm) long. Pendant side is 1 6/8” (4.5 cm).

 (PATTERN, no registering needed)

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This pattern includes charts, written instructions, step-by-step pictures.
Happy crocheting, my friends!