Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let's chat. Camping on July 4th, some pictures.

Hi everybody,
I hope all Americans here had a great 4th of July!
There are things I love about USA, one of them - it feels great when 20 strangers you meet after waking up say Good Morning to you.
We went camping to Cape May, NJ. It was so great, even despite the rain one day. We've been camping since May almost every weekend and I got used to sleep in the tent and love it so much that I can't sleep in my bed anymore. :))
Yesterday, I threw my self-inflatable mattress I use while camping on the floor and slept like a baby.
Well, my bed is wooden boards plus thin wool mattress anyway, but I guess I feel to be as close to the ground as possible.
We watched Fireworks over the sea at the beach and it was nice to sit on the sand and see the fireworks and it's reflection on the water. It was very a great atmosphere with happy people all around. The fireworks were so so, not very creative, but the sunset was amazing. I took a few shots right before the show.

and a few minutes later, when the blue hour started:

and I barely crochet these days, but finished a new dress.

Cooking lunch while it's raining.

Enjoying the burrito I made!

Playing Train Ticket in the tent. Btw, great game, but I suck at it. :))

Hiking under the rain.
Happy crocheting, my friends! What you were up to?

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