Friday, January 30, 2015

Can we crochet while standing?

Yes, we can!
I sometimes do! :0
We spend a lot of time crocheting.
I spend a lot of time on the computer, making pdfs and drawing charts.

They say if you sit down for more than 6 hours a day, your risk of heart disease has increased by up to 64 percent.

They say it is worse than smoking!

I set up my both computers I work on for a standing  position. Thinking of getting special tables, though they are not cheap, so boxes work fine for now. :)))

Please, be helathy, my dear friends and let me tell you crocheting while standing is possible! Just try it!

This is me, jumping over a fire last summer. Ha-ha!

Happy crocheting!
Love to all!


  1. So lovellyjoyfull Picture Natalia! J'adore !
    I love nature, living in the country side I am also wild natural thow 65 old.

    I have read very concentrated your very interesting artical.
    I undersatnd what you say about copyrigths...
    The thing about surching for free patterns, and copying ...
    it is beaucause there are more and more and more poor woman who adores crocheting, knitting inbroidery, sawing etc.that is there only passion because without money you can never go to haur deressers,beauty shops, restaurants , niether travel, niether go shopping for new fashion clothes etc etc ...
    Unfortunatly these poor ladys , like me,can never buy quality yarn,
    and have difficulties buying patterns...that is why so many of us are cary about free patterns and diagramms.
    As far as i am concerned I have been abele through the years to make a collection of crochet magasines and books , I stoped collecting them.
    I have enough to create my own creations just by learning a bit here and there and also on internet from blogs and sites .

    I think the problem you are talking about is the same for artists :
    my son and daugther in law are creators in theater ,cinema and music, vioidéo also,art installations/
    They need to live and earn money from what they create.
    What they work on so many hours makes so many poeple happy and also nourrishes the mind the intellect of poeple.
    So yes I really understand ...myself I wrote songs for some singers tahta are forgotten today.
    30 years ago some were famous in Europe , I also had to live from what I wrote..ihad many songs that were stolen and lost the money that a producer stolen from me because he was faster than me to deposit the songs in label security SABAM in Belgium, SACEM in France;Sio you see i do understand.:

    But, to day, Me like so many ladys, I am so very poor, my pension is so low..
    i can never go and enjoy art and culture unless it is free entrance, unless my son lets me in freely.,
    it is the same for bad wuality yarn that I buy by the red cross for mini prices or recieve from kind woman,i can never buy lovelly quality and colors yarn..... I cannot buy patterns on lign thow sometimes i wish i could...and cannir buy ne books thow i wish i could...
    , so many woman are very poor or close to poverty....
    never forget that...
    the world is made this way ,it creates more and more poors, especially woman ....

    but yes Natalia I do agree you creators deserve your money for your hard work,
    you derserve respect for your creations, i agree...

    the problem is difficult to balance poverty with equality and wealth....
    I wish I could write in French , my explanations would have been more precise , sorry for my poorly English.

    kind regards to you Natalia , never forget I am all for you and your lovelly blof even thow i do not write often.
    You are a lovelly very intelligent, generous, kind authentic human being,
    I see that on your pictures of nature with your children.
    aurevoir till next time;

    FleurBelge, ou Margot from Belgium.

    1. Dear Margot, I am sorry to hear about your difficult situation! I hear your pain and understand. I don't know about life in Belgium, but here in US we have excellent libraries, where you can borrow craft books and magazines with patterns! If they don't have it in your local library, you can order it and they deliver the book. It's free. Do you have a similar library system in Belgium?
      So there are ways to get patterns for free and crochet designers are not wealthy people at all, it's not a good paying job. :)) I also think people who scan designs and post them don't have in mind helping poor people most of the time.

  2. Yes, it is possible to crochet standing up, it is even possible to crochet walking around! I do sometimes... but seldom dare to tell people about it, because I am afraid if somebody else tries it and stumbles and falls or something, I would feel responsible...