Thursday, December 18, 2014

I've got an award! Hooray!

What a pleasant surprise to get Best Crochet Finds 2014 award from Kathryn Vercillo, an author of

Thank you, Kathryn!  

"The winner of this award is Natalia Kononova of Outstanding Crochet. She is a Philadelphia based crochet designer (originally from Saint Petersburg) who is also passionate about photography. Her blog shares the beautiful crochet that she’s spotting around the web. She also creates her own original crochet patterns, many of which are beautiful crochet garments that she models in stunning photos.
She shared recently:
“I post pictures of designers’ garments I find interesting, garments that inspire me. I always (almost always, when I know) state a name of the brand or a designer of the garment. Their work inspires me, I love looking at those images.”

Here are some of the reasons that I selected this blogger for this crochet award:
  • Consistent, frequent shares of crochet finds specific to the designer fashion and brand name fashion industry. I consider myself to be someone who is pretty on top of this niche in crochet and she always finds more things than I ever do!
  • Organized library of designers. She labels the items by the designer who created them and you can find each of those labels in the sidebar of the blog in order to easily look at the crochet from favorite fashion designers.
  • As far as I know, this is the only blog of its kind where you can find so much crochet-specific fashion information from the mainstream clothing industry.
  • She usually shares multiple photos of the same item so that you can see all of the different details that went into the design.

Other Categories I Could Have Chosen

Each person is only awarded one award each year (and likewise, each award only goes to one person with a few exceptions) but of course each amazing blogger often does many things well. Some of the other categories that I easily could have given this blogger an award for include:
  • Best Photos on a Crochet Blog
  • Best Crochet Clothing Patterns (see them here)
  • Best Crochet Fashion"

 Kathryn's original post


  1. wow!!! you deserve that ! hooray for you!

    1. I agree with every word written there!
      You are a master with crochet and not a bit less with photography - your pictures are always top top top! :-)

  2. awesome!!!!! I couldn't think of a more deserving winner!! congrats.

  3. Thanks for sharing with everyone. I'm really happy to be able to show your great work to others.

  4. Congrats!! You deserve it for sure, I am a big fan of your wonderful work and of your very well organized blog. Natalia, I would like to introduce you to the great work of Vanessa Montoro (no, she is not me. I am Vanessa Dreyer), a brazilian crochet designer who makes wonderful pieces. I don't know if you know her, but as long as i did not find anything about her in your blog, I just want to suggest you to take a look: Hope you like it ;)

    1. Thank you, Vanessa, you are very kind! I certainly know Vanessa Montoro, I might even have some pictures on the blog, but sometimes if I have only 2 or 3 posts I don't create a label. She definitely deserves one, will do. :)))

  5. I'm SO happy for you on this award Natalia! You deserve it!