Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bad Romance machine-made Crochet-like Lace Pullover from Free People.


  1. Красивая, изящная накидка. Очень красивая.

  2. I find this piece on the lower level of "ok". True/real crochet made by human hands has Heart and Warmth in it. I am deeply bothered by the fact that a machine is now doing this. Crochet is Art and Passion and just well,every thing that is right with the world.

    1. Mary, you are right, it is no comparison to a real crochet, but I see machine-made lace as an inspiration to get some ideas. Well, I guess I have nothing against lace, I would wear it as well. I don't think we should compare them, it is just a crochet- like fabric.

  3. I like the style of the blouse and for people not being able to crochet its for sure an alternative but I agree with mary.. hand-crochet is another liga ...thank you so much for the inspiration Natalia...
    ciao ciao and a great weekend from Switzerland... Christa