Monday, May 19, 2014

new project - Blouse with irish Crochet Embellishment.

Though I love irish Crochet, what stops me from doing more of it is a net between motifs. It has to be perfect, it requires very fine thread, it takes time to make and hard on my neck to bend over the board on which I usually get the motifs together.
The way around it  is to make motifs and stitch them on a garment. You can't call it Irish Crochet, but it would look wonderful as well.
My choice is white on white for this summer.
Check my store to see if this pattern is available.


  1. Thank you for this photo :) It's a very cool idea... These crochet motifs are very beautiful...
    Greetings from Poland :-)
    Marille from

  2. Muy bonito!, todo un acierto para personalizar la blusa; ha quedado realmente preciosa.

  3. çok yaratıcı ve güzel ellerine sağlık

  4. excellent work .mind blowing
    can u send me the pattern?

    1. There is a link in the post to get the pattern. (blue)!product/prd3/2167721625/set-of-three-motifs.-item-%23-nk--00-014
      It's on sale now 50% off!

  5. Bellisima, me encanto, se ve realmente fina, con un toque de distincion