Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Enjoying Winter...

I am on my way of "365 days, 365 pictures" project. I am completely lost on which day I am now. Sometimes I don't have time to post and post later. It's a big mess, but I am letting it go... I'll do what I can, trying to do am much as I can. :)) But sure enough I am having fun pushing myself out in cold.
At the end I am always happy I did, sometimes calling my husband that dinner is going to be an hour later. :)
Here are pictures from the last couple of days.


  1. wow! I love your pictures so beautiful!!!

    1. Stunning photos. Are they in the Blue Bell area? I used to work in Century Park next to Wings Field. Many happy memories of those days. I must admit, it looks a lot prettier in your photos (and from a distance of 10 years)! PS...I love your blog...your significant crochet talents are enviable and impressive!

    2. Thank you! Yes, it's all around the area. Pictures are always a lie a little bit, especially after processing. ;) But just a little stretch, it's still beautiful.

  2. Наташа, очень люблю Ваши фотографии. Как же красиво у Вас там, в Америке.

  3. stunning... your pictures of nature are as beautiful as your handcrafted projects