Monday, November 18, 2013

What drives you crazy? Word verification is my nightmare!!!

Hmm, many things drive ME crazy, but one which is related to blogger I would like to talk about.

Sometimes you see a nice post, fellow crafts-girl made something really outstanding, you want to comment, complimenting words are swirling in your ears, you press that button.... 'Comment'
and here it is: word verification. Hate it, hate it, hate it! Let's say you still in the mood of commenting, repeat those letters which don't make sense, then numbers (can you really see them?), and then you are wrong, may be try it again and if not successful, you just give up and leave.... Because, who has time for that? Sad story.

When I figured it out for myself and went to
Settings - Posts and Comments - Show word verification - and put "NO", my life haven't changed even a bit. I don't get those automated messages with links unless I put "Anyone" to the option "Who can comment". You might not want to allow anyone to comment. I did it a couple of days ago and got a few messages of that sort. They get in spam folder, but still you receive notifications and feel used.
Do you share my feelings about this option? May be I am the only one so short tempered here.

I also don't like picture-less posts. So here you have it, just my random pics:))))

Happy crocheting, my friends!


  1. My 2 cents: I am not a blogger. I am a follower of yours and others great crafty sites. YES it bothers me when after a couple of times my words won't go through. Most times it works, sometimes I give up. Ok I love your header. Your picture of grass is awesome! Good night my friend :)

  2. I agree 100% with you - I even wrote in my blog too about word verification! And neither do I like blogs with no photos, very boring. I also don't favorite blogs with too long posts. And all these too personal stories do not belong out into internet world either. :-)

  3. Даа, проверка словом испытание не для слабонервных:))), иногда очень хочется оставить комментарий, но после нескольких неправильно внесенных слов уходишь ни с чем:)))

  4. I think everyone hates word verification and I'm sure a lot of new bloggers don't even know you can turn it off. I have written about on my blog too. I think posts should have pictures for interest and If I am faced with a whole page of writing I don't even bother to look. When you follow several blogs like I do you don't have the time to read a long post, :)

  5. So true. I just hate word verification. Love your blog header. Lovely dress and you look great. Have a nice day.

  6. I can't stand the verification thing..I turned mine off a long time ago, and like you I haven't had a problem. I can't handle when I have written a comment about something lovely someone has made, or a blogger has inspired find a verification that I cannot for the life of me I try to fake it..ummm didn't work so they put up another..can't read that one either..I have went on a rant on my blog about the very same thing..

  7. I also hate word verification...normally I have trouble to decide what the number is...
    Mine is on moderation...I received loads of horrible stuff...I still publish all my comments, but I don't receive horrible ones anymore. Now I read all my comments before they are on my blog, I never miss one! I prefer it this way!

    I love to read, but I like photos to spice up the story.

    Love your photos and handwork!