Friday, November 8, 2013


I probably bored you to death with my pictures, but I am not stopping any time soon. :)
Today was a crazy sky, so beautiful, like it could be only in fall, so blue and deep.
I was hiking all day and came home so tired, didn't have any energy to edit pictures I took. And then I looked out of the window to see the last light on the clouds. I jumped out, took a couple more and the sun was gone in a minute.

Here they are (I pulled my energy together to  edit these two):

Happy fall my friends! Let us survive coming winter.


  1. Natalia your photos are BEAUTIFUL and never enough! :-)

  2. Love, love, love your photos. The dark blue sky looks like the ocean sometimes. Love the deep blue.

  3. Наташа, красиво, прям дух захватывает!!!
    Я во время заката тоже часто на балкон бегаю:)))), жаль у меня плохой фотоаппарат, но иногда и с ним неплохо получается!!!