Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New dress.

I've been so tired from suburban American fashion style recently or may be I've been watching too much of Mad Men so those pretty  dresses got in my mind or perhaps I needed a splash of color in my life because I was kind of sick for a while, anyway,  when I came upon this wonderful fabric at Jo Anne, I couldn't resist. Here is the result.
Though the pattern See & Sew by Butterick Pattern was horrible and needed so much adjustments (never again I am using this brand), I wasn't much frustrated because I just loved the linen blend and was excited to see the result. I swear next time I decide to sew something I am creating my own pattern or using something more reliable.


  1. That fabric is glorious! It made a pretty dress, even if the pattern was hard to work with. :)

  2. Beautiful dress, Natalia. And yes, I know, after sewing with Burda for so many years I have a hard time adjusting to american patterns....

    1. :)) Burda patterns require some adjustments as well, but what I saw in this one, was just beyond my understanding! I had to decrease side seams by 4 cm at each side at the breast line, shorten back by 5 cm. Do they make patterns for hunchbacks? :)