Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kelly Tuttle' s handmade ceramic dishes.

I found  this lovely handmade ceramic dishes shop on Etsy and want to introduse Kelly Tuttle, the owner and an artist, who I had an opportunity to talk to.

Her work is inspired very closely by crocheted lace doilies handed down through her family.

She says, 'I fondly remember seeing doilies all over my grandmother's apartment when I was little, under plants, on the coffee table, in china hutches, everywhere. As many have been passed down to me, I wanted to preserve their unique patterns and transform them into a more time-lasting material with even more functional and decorative purposes. These ceramic dishes add a pop of color to traditional lace doilies and can be used as plant, jewelry, candy, soap etc dishes, or as centerpieces for your kitchen and dining room table.'

I have the same memories. My mom was a crane operator, so she had a lot of free time up there waiting for the next move. Our house was full of knitted doilies. :))
I think it's a wonderful decorating idea. Bravo, Kelly!


  1. what is the name of her shop? I want to go and have a look

    1. Gosh! I didn't give the link did I? Stupid me.

  2. How wonderful to think of your mother as a crane operator, in such a male-dominated business, but sitting up there doing her crochet! I have some doilies made by my mum that are very similar to the one you have, edged with flowers.

    My mum taught me to crochet but I've only recently taken it up again, and just completed my first lap blanket. Your work is absolutely beautiful and very inspirational.

  3. Parabéns pelo tema da postagem Natalia. Aprendi crochê com minha avó, retomei a paixão pelo crochê quando me aposentei.
    Adoro olhar seu blog, ele me inspira em meus trablhos.