Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy spring!

Hi ladies!
Happy spring to everybody!
Weather cooperates with me. I was sure I'd miss all blooming this year.
But no, here I am, enjoying spring as always...

This is a clay pot my mom gave me.

A cheapest bowl from IKEA. :)

This is a tea cup from Taiwan. It's hand-made, so  gives me a wonderful feeling when I drink tea and it's tiny. 

Happy spring, everybody!


  1. Olá Natalia, fiquei muito feliz com sua visita ao meu blog, e elogios ao meu trabalho, gosto muito dos seus croches, as fotos estão lindas, parabéns, com carinho

  2. thank you for those beantiful flowers!

  3. Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures.