Monday, March 18, 2013

Still not crocheting...

Hey friends,
Shame on me, I am still not crocheting, but wondering around Taipei.
I kind of already want to go home, the only thing that makes me feel good the fact that it's freezing in Pennsylvania!
Some pictures with my greeting to you from Taipei:

It was my son birthday, he turned 11:

Bitan area in Xindian district where people walk or take a boat ride.

At National Palace Museum

At Shandao Temple

CKS Memorial Hall Plaza Gate

Home-schooling that monster is not an easy task.

At Botanical Garden

Spring is in the air.

Local cat.

Tour to a local TV station.

Maokong Gondola with glass floor.

At Zhinan Temple

Zhinan temple

The end. :))))


  1. Hi Natalia, Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I recently began following your blog and....oh my...your work is fabulous! I live in Pennsylvania also (about 15 minutes from center city, Phila.), and even though tomorrow is to have temps in the 50's, the rest of the week is to be colder. Hopefully the weather will be warmer when you return. Enjoy!

    Mary Louise

    1. Hi Mary,
      It's nice to meet a neighbor! I am glad you find this blog useful, though I've been bad recently, not posting and doing much. But I am full of ideas! I hope we'll have some summer and actually am fine with a cool one, better for hiking. Thank you! have a good day!

  2. beautiful, beautiful. Dreaming of travelling too. Take care, thank you for sharing photos. Memorable trip.

  3. Hi Natalia, I'm in Stroudsburg near the Delaware Water Gap... and we are having a snow storm! Spring can't come fast enough! Love your crochet work! Safe travels!

    1. Thank you! feel sorry for us, it's been a long winter!

  4. Beautiful pictures Natalia and happy Birthday to your son !,,

  5. Happy birthday to your son, many tanks for your pictures.

  6. Muchas felicidades a tu hijo.
    Tus fotos me parecen maravillosas.