Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Enjoying Taiwan.

Hi everybody,
I hope you've noticed the luck of posting from me. It's Taiwan to blame, where we went for a couple of months.
I am so excited and like it so much, that I don't have time for anything else. Besides I have to home-school my son, which I kind of not really doing, because we go to see places every day.
Allow me to share some of my pictures of Taiwan's capital, Taipei, where we now live.

Have a good day!


  1. Нам бы такие яркие краски и жизнь бы стала веселей, несмотря на затяжную зиму и короткое лето.Да, Наташа?)))

  2. Wow ... What a beautiful place. Great pictures.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to you I can see incredible places :)

  4. Natalia ...than beautiful photos ... My dream trip .... what colors!!
    congratulations ... kisses

  5. Lovely photos and such vivid colour! I'd say you are covering the subject of culture and art with the home schooling bit. It's a priceless experience for the kid.

  6. Oi Natalia,
    Que banho cultural, vocês estão tendo! Que oportunidade!!! Adorei as fotos, descubra este lugar, poste mais fotos.

  7. I was taken aback at your photo with the Applied Materials mascot... I used to work there. What a small world!

  8. The street shots remind me of when we used to live in Mainland China and ate at the street markets: noodles and beer! Loved it.