Monday, October 29, 2012

Hiking at Tohickon Valley Park, PA

It was last Saturday hike. We've decided to be civilized this time and went to Peddler's Village, nice little place with craft shops in Backs County. There was a scarecrow contest display. After 5 minutes walking around it suddenly felt so boring ans so crowded, that we jumped in the car and ended up in Tohickon Valley Park, beautiful place we discovered short time ago.
Our dream is to rent a cabin in the park, right next to that creek.


  1. Grazie infinite per aver condiviso queste foto BELLISSIME! Ti seguo sempre con ammirazione.
    Saluti da Nunzia

  2. Beautiful pictures !
    I'm still working on my daughter's dress. I'll tell you when I'm done so u can visit me and check t out!
    Thanks for the pattern :)

  3. Фантастика и только!))

  4. I really like your pictures, you are a very talented photographer.