Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last weekend camping - Hickory Run State Park, PA

It's such a wonderful park in Pocono mountains! We love going there!
There is a little lake with a beach:

in 10 minutes walk from a camping ground.

Orchard Loop Trail we love:

It connects with Hawk Falls Trail, where all lazy people going. :)) Orchard Loop is not crowded at all.
Water is freezing, but it's so much fun to swim in the creek, that they manage.

Our boys.

Hawk Falls.


Lehigh River Gorge


  1. Lindo.

  2. Marvellous photos ! and a great place to have fun !!! thank you to show us this place... I'm living near Mauritius island... so, it's so different ! I like to see other lanscape ... from my PC !!! THANKS §

  3. Thank you for taking us with you. The photo of the sunset is Stunning.Worthy of being a poster.

  4. Oh! Comme c'est beau!
    So lovelly!
    I adore wild nature.
    Merci for sharing your wonderfull expérience of life , hollidays with your beautifull familly!

  5. ciao, foto amo la natura, un bacio