Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cover yourself up sexy! Crochet cover up, inspired by "Staring at stars Crochet Tunic".

Some women don't like to look sexy because it's offending to be a sex object for men. I personally like sexy clothing, I like to dress up and to see well dressed  people around. Women are like beautiful flowers brighting up our world.
I was inspired to make that cover up by this one:

Let me say, I would never get inspired by looking at those pictures. I was  amazed when I saw this one at the beach in ocean City, NJ. Beautiful girl, wearing that top set up her towel next to us. She was like a star, everybody was staring at her. The tunic looked way better then at the pictures. I asked her about the brand and she was very nice to show me a label. So, I made a sketch right there and later found a picture on Web.
Of cause I made quite a few changes, I did not want to copy it entirely. I like the cover though I am planning to sell it, it's a little bit too big for me, rather size L then M.


  1. Beautiful, I love it.

  2. All of your crocheted items are incredible.
    I can't believe you are a medium, you look more like a small size.

  3. Отличная работа! И замечательные фото! )))

  4. Would love the pattern if you were ever interested in selling it...exactly what I have been searching (and searching!) for!

    1. It wouldn't be right to sell this one, since the idea is not mine. That's why I didn't consider making a patter for that tunic. I will have something similar when they allow me to work in this country. :( Sorry! I wish I could help.