Friday, July 27, 2012

Cape May, NJ 2012 Vacation.

We went there last week. It's a quiet place with not so much fun for kids. All we could find is a couple mini golf courses and a little arcade. Anyways we liked it there. Beach is great, waves are big and what else do you need for a week?
What I especially liked are showers and a lot of bathrooms compare to Ocean City,NJ where we usually go. I think if you have to pay for a beach, at least they can provide those 2 things on top of lifeguarding.

It's my first picture there.

Now you are in the ocean mood!

I took pictures of guys with boards and got there e-mails to send them those pictures. Ah, I still have to do that! :)))


There is a park there with a Light House and Sand Pipers nesting (little cute birds which tried to attack me when I came too close.

There is a lot of cute houses there where you can stay (I guess it's expensive though). We rented a modern condo next to the beach for $1500.

Sunset beach. Nice little place where people gather to watch sunsets.

My stepson with a girlfriend.

son Timur.

On a third day I went to the park to watch birds. So beautiful!

Bunnies are not really afraid of people much.

Little bird greeting sun with it's song.

me. :))