Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday at the beach. Ocean City, NJ 2012

All Friday night it was raining. We even had a tornado warning.
Despite that there was a beautiful morning when I opened my eyes.
To the beach! About 1.5 hours drive from us.

Under fishing pier

We had very decent waves. My son is happy jumping with his boogie - board.

Nice catch.

This is crazy.

Me, relaxing

Husband Arthur

Ah, feels good.


  1. wouah you look so cute, and the skirt, a dream... best regards from brazil

  2. You look like a model in your skort. The picture of your son looking at the waves reminds me of when me and my family lived in the Caribbean island of Dominica where we used to ride those kind of waves, even larger ones. I almost drowned once. My dad had to come into the water and drag me out. I don't go in the ocean anymore but I love watching how waves form, curl and break. Lovely photos.

    1. Thank you, Deb! Well, I've heard that there are best beaches in Dominica. I am sorry to hear about that accident. I am afraid of waves myself. I used to have dreams about huge waves, those were my worst nightmares.