Sunday, June 17, 2012

French Creek State Park, PA

It was 10 of us, camping. What would I say... too many people for camping! Still it was fun, but meals were a challenge and somebody always was sitting in MY comfy chair! :))

Here, in the background, my new big tent! Love it, because I can stand inside and it doesn't give me claustrophobic feeling.

Me is missing, 10 people.

Pretending... running.

Swimming at the creek in St. Peter's Village, PA

Gentle touch. You are free to go.

Little pony.

Birthday boy - Jahn.

On the trail.

Me, resting.

Explorers. :))

This tree amazed us by it's size.

Hot afternoon.

Yeah... we hate it.

My friends, Tais and Agata.


See you next time, French Creek Park!


  1. Love your pics as always. That black butterfly on your son's hand is awesome. I got a tattoo of a black butterfly just under my left shoulder. To me it means freedom from my past abuse marriage and any sadness I've had.
    I also love the crochet top. I should post some pics of my works of art too on my blog.

    1. Thank you! I am so sorry to hear that. Good thing it's behind you. And of cause you should post pictures of your work!

    2. My crochet site I started last year is called: crochetpuffin @

    3. You mean

  2. Hi Natalia

    I've been admiring your crochet for a while - such a great blog !!!! And then suddenly I saw some of your photos - wow, very good photos! Do you mind me asking what kind of camera you are using and if you use a filter as well??

    1. Hi Gitte. Thank you!
      My camera is Nikon D5100, but your choice of lenses is more important. I got two kit lenses 18-50 mm and 55 - 200 f4.5 with my camera. They are OK, but not very good. When you shop for lenses, look for small f - number (it indicates f-stop, or aperture, the smaller this number - the bigger aperture). Such lenses are faster, because they allow more light inside. Also they give you nice bouquet (that unfocused background). But such lenses are expensive, especially zoom-lenses. You can buy prime (fixed focal length), they are chipper, and zoom with your legs. :))