Monday, May 14, 2012

My happy Mother's Day

I got sick on Friday, but made my way to the woods on Saturday and Sunday, though I've got my camera with no memory card on Saturday. It was so sunny and beautiful, I found wonderful spot in the woods and couldn't take a picture. Sun was able to make it through the leaves on the little knob, covered with fern and with a big single tree, standing there. Everything else was in the shade.
I asked my friend to get on that knob, lean on the tree and lift her face to the sun rays breaking through leaves. It was so beautiful and damn it! No card in the camera! Can you believe it?
We came to this spot next day, but it was cloudy. Anyways we had wonderful time.
My Mother's Day congratulation.
Looking down in the sky.
Green Kingdom.


  1. They are also lovely... I felt like I was there. I could feel the water in my hands...