Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last weekend camping.

It started good. We came to the campground, switched a few sites, as usual and went to a close by lake where was going on a wonderful free action - try out kayaks and surfboards.
We've been trying for 3 hours. :0
My son, Timur

He was having time of his life.

Friend Agata


Then thunderstorm came. Kids started to pray for rain to stop.

It did.


UFO's landing on our campground. :)

In the middle of that night another thunderstorm started. We gathered all out stuff in a flush and went home. What a day!


  1. Hi. I look forward to every post that you make!! You take gorgeous pictures! And the crochet stuff that you find is beautiful. Thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Wanda, How's skort's going? I am so ashamed, I didn't finish the pattern yet, but I've started. I just can't finish because I start new things. And everything else. You kick me if needed.

  3. Seems like the kids enjoyed your weekend camping. That was a blast Natalia! It’s just sad that you needed to go home because of the thunderstorm.
    -Samatha@Dress Shirts