Sunday, April 15, 2012

My latest crochet projects.

This one is for a contest, can't show it, it's a rule.

It's going to be shorts.


  1. What a beautiful pictures !!! The spring is inspiring )

  2. Наташа, очень красивые платья на панельке справа! а в работе уже новая белоснежная красота:))

  3. how beutiful that palce is! I really admire your place and your work too. Fantastic. I wish I had more time and pacience to knit as you do. Thans for sharing. Mariela

  4. hi natalia, i was just admiring your post and saw this picture are these going to be the white shorts that are like the one kate hudson wore in the movie did you even make them yet i've been trying so hard to figure them out by the photos i'm a left handed crocheter and sometimes it's difficult to understand the stitches i was hoping you can help me with the edging around the bottom of the shorts can you tell me what stitch they used thanks tence

    1. Thank you!
      Here are shorts you mentioned. You'll find some charts. I didn't make them, so can't really help much and have no idea about left hand crocheting. Sorry!:
      Here are short those white motives became: