Thursday, February 2, 2012

Linen scarf with crochet embellishment.

Well, it's 100 % linen scarf plus 100 % wool embellishment. I didn't use any machines to make it, but, of cause fabric is made with machines help. I wish I could make it myself as well as yarn :) but I am not there yet.
Anyways recently I am a little bit obsessed with everything natural.
Sorry for so many pictures. I spent a good part of my day shooting them, so I want them all here. Who does photography knows how hard it is to choose keepers. :)


  1. You do AMAZING work..............I am so happy I found your are an inspiration and your art is incredible. :)

  2. Hi, Just by chance, I came across your amazing blog. You are so good at crocheting. I'm totally in love with this scarf but I'm not so good at crocheting. Sewing is more my field, therefore I would appreciate if maybe you could provide a guide for how to crochet this beautiful floral vine and tell which yarn/colorNo. you have used.
    Thank you so much and best wishes from
    Christina (Denmark)