Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do you hate charts?

Sometimes I reffer to Russian recurses in my posts and I see some people get frustrated because they don't speak Russian. :))
Somebody asked me for a Russian explanation how to make those famous shorts from "Something borrowed".

"Good news": there are usually no patterns in those references I give. It's just chatting mostly. All useful information there are charts which are the same for all languages.
Everybody is trying to figure out the best way to make what they decided to make all together. I suggest to take any shorts which fit perfectly and use them as a pattern, get charts from the topic...
get yarn and try to make your own.
If you can't read charts, it might be a good time to start.
Here is some information:
The thing is that Russian or Japanese recurses  give you charts, not patterns. When I came here I was frustrated with patterns written on a few pages, I still am. I don't know how that Vogue survived when I was knitting a tunic from it. I was really a danger for people around me back at that time.
I don't get it why instead not to put a single chart.
I understand people who are used to written patterns, but we all should get out of our "OK" plateau eventually.
I have many of those plateaus of my own and I know how hard it is to make a step, but it will pay back!


  1. Я только по схемам вяжу. Если вижу длинное описание, то ищу где-то похоже схемку))) Ни разу по описанию еще не вязала.

  2. Вязать только по словесному описанию я очень не люблю.пару раз вязала-не понравилось.Предпочитаю,чтобы была именно схема узора.Про убавки-прибавки люблю почитать,иногда эти советы использую..

  3. Olá Natalia, tudo bom?
    Vim conhecer seu blog e me encantei com a qualidade e beleza dos seus trabalhos. A combinação de cores que voce utiliza é perfeita, valorizando-os ainda mais. Amei seus cachecóis.

    Valeria Allão

  4. Hi Valeria,
    I have no idea what you said :) and Google translate didn't help, but I am following you....

  5. Hi Natalia! I "landed" into your blog yesterday and I'm still here! I started to follow you, I really like all that beatiful things you croche. Your blog is really inspiring!
    I also find frustrating written explanations. Charts are perfect for me!

    I understand portuguese and I can translate Valeria:
    " Hello Natalia, everything allright?
    I came to visit your blog and I amazed with beauty and quality of your work. Color combination you use is perfect, giving it more value. I really love your scarves. Kisses"

    see you!