Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crochet Coat. Simple.

I like that coat. Unfortunately I have no idea what the brand and designer.
It looks so comfy!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Miss summer? I do! Fill youself with sun.

I took these pictures while I was waiting next to the tennis courts for my husband and my stepson to finish a game, so I could play with one of them.
I often look at these pictures to make myself feel good and warm.

All pictures are here.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Color spectrums. Find yours.

Vacation. Sweet memory. Ocean City, New Jersey

This summer we went to New Jersey shore, which is 2 hours drive from us.
The place we rented was a dog house, something like that. One day when we were at the grocery store, an earth quake happened. We were asked to leave the store immediately. It was shaking but nothing happened. Our kids didn't noticed anything beeing at the beach at that time.
Then Irene started to approach. So we had to leave 2 days earlier. :((

But I've got a lot of pictures and we had lovely time there. Ocean City, NJ has that "no alcohol policy". There are no alcohol stores in it and no restaurants or bars serving alcohol, which I loved about it, though  we had our wine in the house, of course.
There are just families with kids there. Very nice!
So here some pictures and more in my blog "Shoot"

My son, Timur.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sari. Easy to make. Burda 7/2011

I call it Sari. After I saw Carrie  Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Season 6 (?) of my favorite "Sex and the city" when she meets Petrovsky first time in the Gallery and she wears that thing (one shoulder tunic?????), I fell in love with that peace.
I was browsing Web to find a picture, unsuccessful.
This summer my stepson brought me 2 Burdas from Russia and to my amusement there was that dress on the cover (Burda 7/2011).
It was a sign! I run to Joanne to get some fabric and here I am. It's not crochet, I am sorry, but I have to share!
It love it, though I was a little confused when I got in the car first time wearing it and started to buckle up....
I had to fold it on my shoulder. :))))
Yes, it's not the most convenient peace to wear but it's pretty.

Changing Background.

I've changed the background of my blog today with picture I took.

I would love to hear your opinion. Tell me if it's convenient to read for people with not so great eye sight.

Have a good day!

Perkiomen Trail, PA.

Another nice weekend passed by. Soon we'll say goodbye to green color.
So we try not to loose any opportunity to go outdoors and enjoy last worm days.

My son, Timur.

All pictures are here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I love this Hippy stile Coat.

All of us have a lot of projects in mind we want to make one day. So do I.
As soon a I saw that Coat I fell in love this it and not just the coat, that whole look: including tight jeans and high boots.
Too bad my hair are not long, otherwise I would probably had that Coat already. :))

Now I am working on a poncho, it's done 30 %. Will it be my next project? I wand to believe so. Though I am not so consistent. Another project might jump in my mind even before I finish my poncho.

I like this version better.
Here is the topic on Osinka where girls are making that Coat together. In Russian.

Take a look:
Here all projects they made. Scroll down a little bit.

They all did a good job. Unfortunately I didn't like any. No offense but they don't look as cool as on those pictures because it's not just the coat, we have to create the whole look from head to toes.
I made this topic to remind myself how I want that coat and may be inspire somebody else?
Have a good day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer is over. Last flowers.

Yesterday we went to Norristown Farm for a bike ride. It was beautiful!

All pictures here.

Scarf - transformer "Sciarpone". Pattern.

To make a sleeve I would start with  simple
(RS) k1 (purl on WS), p1(knit on RS)

After you're done with a sleeve,
we have to count, may be add some stitches.
Anyways, we have to make a sample first.

Row 1 (Wrong Side):  * purl(p1), knit(k1); rep. from * to last until you get to desired width of your scarf, p1.
Row 2 (Right Side): Slip 1st as knit,*slip stitch as if to purl alone with a loop, k1*; rep from * to * to the end.
Row 3: Slip 1st as purl, *k1, p1*; rep from * to*  to the end.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until you get to the point to start another sleeve. Decrease some stitches (as many as we added after first sleeve.
Make another sleeve.

Right Side in our case

Wrong Side

Sorry, I didn't count number of stitches,  it depends on yarn. I would take fine yarn since this pattern turns out really thick.