Friday, October 28, 2011

La Priscilla. Knitted flower. Master class.

Cute little details.
I like this one more. Flowers on the stripes look too much.
Even 3 flowers would look great on the top you already have in your closet. :)
Flowers I'll show farther are different, but my opinion they look better. What do you think?
Look at this masterclass:

Author. She is amazing!
I like this one. Asymmetry always looks better, not so obvious.
See the difference? It's like when you take pictures: don't put you object in the middle, it usually looks boring.

Ok. Here is some more.
I think there is no masterclass needed. Simple. For girls with little breasts though. Not for me :)))

Here is the pattern. In Russian.

If anybody is interested, I can translate.
Have a good night, my friends and look fabulous tomorrow!

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  1. Я такие розочки крутила из покупного вязанного полотна. Шила платье знакомой, горловину так же украшали.