Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crochet Inset. Give a regular clothing an outstanding look.

Searching my favorite "Osinka" I discovered this topic.
and thought that we can make any T-shirt or Boring Dress look outstanding by cutting a piece of fabric and placing instead a piece of our crochet art, of any size and shape!
I am up to that and hope to show you what I did soon.
The exiting thing is that we don't have to make the whole thing means saving time and still getting something great looking.
Now I am finishing a project where I combined crochet with knitting and my love to bright colors. Since I didn't have a pattern and had to rip it off a FEW times, it took a while.
But it's coming soon!
Here some pictures from that topic.

May be this is too much, for me at least, but looks super.

Too long.

This one is beautiful!

They also give some patterns here.


  1. wow, those are super inspiring and very beautiful, esp. the black ones. :-)

  2. How clever you are. They beautiful. I love them all, since I am 78 and have a full figure, none of these are not for me. But I love making things that are different and striking. So, Loving to knit and do the crocheting, Maybe I will make one soon.

  3. Can't agree with you, Maria! It would look wonderful on you, I am sure, no matter your age. Besides, you don't have to make it "see through".

  4. I have also done this from the neckline to the bottom edge of the sleeve with crochet to add room in the top and sleeves. And down pant legs with ribbon for those pants that are just a bit too snug.