Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vacation. Sweet memory. Ocean City, New Jersey

This summer we went to New Jersey shore, which is 2 hours drive from us.
The place we rented was a dog house, something like that. One day when we were at the grocery store, an earth quake happened. We were asked to leave the store immediately. It was shaking but nothing happened. Our kids didn't noticed anything beeing at the beach at that time.
Then Irene started to approach. So we had to leave 2 days earlier. :((

But I've got a lot of pictures and we had lovely time there. Ocean City, NJ has that "no alcohol policy". There are no alcohol stores in it and no restaurants or bars serving alcohol, which I loved about it, though  we had our wine in the house, of course.
There are just families with kids there. Very nice!
So here some pictures and more in my blog "Shoot"

My son, Timur.


  1. Наталья, посмотрела все фотографии.Написала в предыдущих комментарии) Наташа, повторюсь Все Фотографии Великолепны!!!!! Получила наслаждение!!!