Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sari. Easy to make. Burda 7/2011

I call it Sari. After I saw Carrie  Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Season 6 (?) of my favorite "Sex and the city" when she meets Petrovsky first time in the Gallery and she wears that thing (one shoulder tunic?????), I fell in love with that peace.
I was browsing Web to find a picture, unsuccessful.
This summer my stepson brought me 2 Burdas from Russia and to my amusement there was that dress on the cover (Burda 7/2011).
It was a sign! I run to Joanne to get some fabric and here I am. It's not crochet, I am sorry, but I have to share!
It love it, though I was a little confused when I got in the car first time wearing it and started to buckle up....
I had to fold it on my shoulder. :))))
Yes, it's not the most convenient peace to wear but it's pretty.

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