Friday, September 9, 2011

I love this Hippy stile Coat.

All of us have a lot of projects in mind we want to make one day. So do I.
As soon a I saw that Coat I fell in love this it and not just the coat, that whole look: including tight jeans and high boots.
Too bad my hair are not long, otherwise I would probably had that Coat already. :))

Now I am working on a poncho, it's done 30 %. Will it be my next project? I wand to believe so. Though I am not so consistent. Another project might jump in my mind even before I finish my poncho.

I like this version better.
Here is the topic on Osinka where girls are making that Coat together. In Russian.

Take a look:
Here all projects they made. Scroll down a little bit.

They all did a good job. Unfortunately I didn't like any. No offense but they don't look as cool as on those pictures because it's not just the coat, we have to create the whole look from head to toes.
I made this topic to remind myself how I want that coat and may be inspire somebody else?
Have a good day!


  1. Давно я засматриваюсь на верхнюю "Миссоньку". У меня это пальто в хотелках. Оно очень интересное.

  2. I am not alone then. I realized another thing I didn't like in projects made on Osinka. Some of them are really roomy, which is understandable for Russia, yes. But I like that half open look so much.
    Well, I think I talked myself to make it a next project. Now I really want it! Ok, I am out to pick up colors! Kisses!

  3. I think the color choices have to be just perfect, otherwise, it won't work. Some people have a wonky sense of color. Have you started it?

  4. I haven't! But thank you for making a comment, because I looked at that again and .... may be for spring? I barely have time to crochet during summer and fall.
    I think it would be a good idea to combine knitting and crochet here.
    You are absolutely right about color sense.
    This project isn't going to work on left overs.