Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patterns. Progress with unfinished project.

Today I tried 2 nice patterns.
I definitely want to use them in some projects.

This one got uploaded wrong way, I didn't find a way to turn it.
Also I am so proud of myself today. I make a resolution to finish all my unfinished projects and I did a great job with the hardest one.

Here is sneak pick:

Can't wait to be done with it! It's been in my living room for.... half an year???
It's the back on the pictures and today I made 4/5 of the front!!!! I need just to finish net from breasts line to the neck.


  1. Наталья, я в шоке, в хорошем смысле слова, от ваших работ!!!

  2. How do you do this? Can you make a pattern? This is so beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I am working now on learning software to make patterns.

  3. Your work is so beautiful. If you do write a pattern would you please let me know. Thank you.