Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My little black dress.

I had a post about crochet black top a while ago... here.
Guess what...
The top grew up, I mean down. :)) and became a little black dress.

The bag.


  1. Великолепно!!! Все просто идеально. И именно черный подклад (нижнее платье). Именно так я ношу свое ажурное платье теперь.

  2. И топ был отличный в том сочетании, и платье супер.
    Сумочка чудесная сама по себе, но к этому платью по-моему просится более миниатюрная и чёрная.

  3. И я хотела про сумочку написать. Нужен клатч - простой, не вязаный)))

  4. Платье обалденное! А сумочку вы сами сделали? Очень мне на ней цветы понравились!

  5. Here is more close look at the bag.
    There are just some Irish crochet flowers and leaves which I glue down.
    I agree, the purse doesn't go with that outlook.

  6. Thank you, everybody! Victoria, I tried 100 under dresses for this one. I was looking for beige or gray. Surprisingly for me, black turned out the best!

  7. Beautiful...................

  8. Hi, I hope you don't mind me saying that "outstanding" it's an understatement for this blog, I've been drooling over this dress for a while and I'm finally getting the courage to start it, just hope I can pull it off half as well as you do, it really suits you! Can I ask you. what motif pattern did you use? does it stretch much? did you put a zipper on? I love your blog, thanks in advance and have a great day!..:)

    1. Thank you, Maiz.
      E-mail me, I think I can find this chart for you.
      It stretches, not much, since I used hook 1 mm. I wouldn't do it again though. Too much work, too hurtful for my finger. No zipper, since I am not that curvy, it's just stretches out in certain places. There is black cotton stretch dress underneath from Target.

  9. I've just asked you about a skirt that I saw, but then this dress......It is beautiful, and I'm attending to a wedding in a few months, I've been thinking about...making my own dress, it is possible that you will send me the pattern. My email is:

    Thank you before hand, and I can't asure you that you won't find another petition. You are a true artist.

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  11. beautiful dress and gorgeous model