Sunday, March 20, 2011

First spring hike.

Though it wasn't very worm, we've decided to do that and didn't regret! It was nice!
I had to frighten my son by staying hungry all day in case he wouldn't join. Sometimes moms have to be tough! He would love to spend all day with his Play station.
What a beautiful house near the lake. You can see swans in the distance.


My dear friend Agata, her son Jahn, my son Timur.


  1. У вас совсем тепло. А в Петербурге сегодня падал легкий снежок... Лежат кругом горы грязного снега...

  2. Unfortunately, it's not worm enough! And we might have some snow next week. It's so sad! We had really cold winter.