Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crochet Hat for a little princess.

I made this one last summer for my neighbor's daughter.

Then their friend ordered another one, so I made one more. I counted time and material and it turned out $30.00. They said it's way to much. I agreed, it 's not cheap. The hat is still with me. :))


  1. Ouch - and that's just materials, not time? Just shows how hard it would be to make a living doing this sort of thing!

    Ever so pretty though!

    You need to find a proper 'little princess' to buy it - who will pay for the materials and your time! :-)


  2. I think materials cost no more than $5.00 and I spent 5 hours total to make this hat (embellishment takes half of that time). I would rather give it to somebody than sell it for almost nothing. And yes, to make a living might be hard even with proper customers.

  3. Well, I think $30 is too cheap!!!

  4. Way too cheap! People have no idea...