Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Polar Star Hat & Cowl Set Crochet Pattern in my shop.

I finally finished this pattern today.
Please, check out Polar Star Beanie Hat and Cowl Set Crochet Pattern (clickable link).
You'll find step-by-step pictures and instructions, as well as crochet charts. Sizes are for kids and adults. This is a unisex pattern.
Happy Crocheting, my friends!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New #crochethatpattern #crochetcowlpattern in work. Shooting pictures.

Ha ha. I was taking pictures of a new set - hat and cowl. What I do as one person orchestra - I set up my camera on Interval timer shooting with a mirror behind it, so I can see myself, then run to the spot. Some pictures are not meant to be taken, like this one. :)))

Anyway, the pattern is about to be released.

New crochet pattern in work at

:) I started this project at the beach and working on it since Sunday...
Happy to be crocheting lace again! :)

Happy crocheting, my friends!
Share your projects with me at :
Don't be shy! :))

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Working on a new Crochet Pattern - Hat and Neck-warmer Set.

I am working on a new design and love it!
It will be a Hat and Cowl Neck Warmer in Worsted weight yarn.
As usual you'll find a lot of step-by-step pictures, crochet charts and instructions in my pattern. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn! :(((
I have to find another skein of Grey tomorrow.
Happy crocheting, my friends!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New crochet jewelry pattern - Snowflake on Blue Bracelet and Necklace with Tassel Crochet Set Pattern.

Hi, everybody!
This 100 % linen set including button was designed with the image of quiet and magical winter night with deep blue sky and snowflakes, dancing slowly to the ground.
If you are itching to make this one, go to This Pattern Page (clickable link) and check it out. 
As always it includes written instructions, charts and step-by-step pictures. There is a separate file on how to make a tassel.
collection of ideas for your outstanding crochet.
Happy crocheting, my friends! ~ Natalia

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern in my shop - Mariana.

Mariana Crochet Hat Pattern - Reversible Slouchy Beanie Crochet Hat - Medium, Large sizes - Boho - Hippie Style Warm Wool Hat - PDF instant download

This pattern is inspired by nature - the unknown mystery of deep sea and Mariana Trench.
I crocheted it at Cape May, NJ beach, while looking at the sea and swimming by dolphins.
The hat is made with fingering weight yarn. While it's not bulky, it's very warm due to 100% wool. Try it once, you never go back to wearing acrylic garments. Only wool keeps you warm and cozy even when wet.

See all the details and more pictures at this pattern on-line page (clickable link).
Happy crocheting, my friends!

Wrong Side (I find it even more interesting):

Sunday, August 21, 2016

New hat & scarf crochet pattern in the shop - Alpine Peak Set.

Finished and posted!
As usual you'll find written instructions under step-by-step pictures, step-by-step schematic on how to connect each motif as you go and crochet charts. I also placed written instructions without pictures, so you can print it without wasting ink on printing pictures.
Sizes: Toddler, Child. Teen/Adult Woman, Man.
Please, check this pattern - Alpine Peak Hat & Scarf Set (clickable link) page and find all the details!!!